Water Tank Refurbishment

Water Tank Refurbishment
Water Tank Repair
Water Tank Refurbishment & Repair Systems

Refurbishment & Repair

Our water tank refurbishment and repair services are a cost effective alternative to water tank replacement. Water Tanks and Services have carried out refurbishment projects on a wide range of different applications. Projects have included refurbishment of sprinkler tanks, process tanks, commercial water tanks and acid storage tanks.

 Water Tank Refurbishment Systems

We offer a number of water tank refurbishment systems, flexible linings and a number of epoxy coating systems.


Water tank linings are manufactured from a DWI approved flexible polypropylene membrane. Linings are pre-manufactured and taken to site, rapidly increasing the installation time. All linings are manufactured using the hot air wedge welding system; this eliminates the use of solvents and ensures linings are virtually puncture proof. Any accidental damage can be repaired by simply heat welding a patch over the damaged area. Linings can be manufactured to suit any size and type of tank. This system is ideal for water tank repair, as leaking storage tanks are completely sealed.

 Water Tank Repair Services

Our water tank repair system involves the physical repair of any tank perforations using fibreglass resin. A suitable epoxy coating system is then applied to the internal surfaces of the tank, followed by a further two coats. This ensures any further corrosion is prevented. Water tank refurbishment coatings are available to suit all types of fluid containment, including potable water, process water and a number of acids and alkalis. A wide selection of colours are available and this product fully WRAS compliant.


Both water tank repair and refurbishment systems have unique advantages. The flexible lining systems main advantage is the rapid installation time, whilst the coating system is suited to high volume applications.


A full range of additional refurbishment products are available for installation. These include water tank lids, rodent screens, screened tank breathers, tank and pipework insulation, ball valves and pipework fittings.


Water Tanks and Services have been refurbishing storage tanks since 1995 and have a large portfolio of clients. Works have been completed for the NHS, Power Stations, Supermarkets, Universities and Commercial Property Consultants.


Water tank refurbishment and repair projects are carried out on a UK wide basis, with a full support service. All works are carried out in conjunction with current regulations and come complete with a 10 year guarantee.