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EPDM - PP - Butyl Tank Linings

Our water tank lining installation service is used on a wide range of applications. Linings can be installed in cold water storage, process, fire protection and commercial water tanks. This type of system is preferred when coating systems are not suitable.

Water Tank Lining Manufacture 

We manufacture EPDM linings, Polypropylene Linings and Butyl Systems. Each system has a different manufacture process, which include hot air welding, vulcanizing and solvent jointing. Each lining system is suited to its own unique application.


This type of system is ideal for storage tanks requiring a minimal downtime. As all linings are manufactured prior to installation, water down time is kept to a minimum. Linings can be manufactured to any size or shape, with larger linings made in multiple sections.


We stock and install a wide range of supporting products including lids, coatings, screened breathers, insulation and pipework fittings. As a company, we have been installing tank linings systems for over 20 Years. The flexible polypropylene tank lining system was designed and created by ourselves back in 1995, and is still the most advanced system on the market.

 Installation of Water Tank Linings

Our linings have been installed on a vast array applications and a wide range of industries. We currently have linings that have been in service for over 15 years.


Past customers include the NHS, Power Stations, Commercial Buildings, ASDA, TATA Steels and Primark.


Linings are installed on a UK wide basis, with installation also covering the Republic of Ireland. All linings come complete with a ten year guarantee.