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Water Tank Lids
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Tank Lids & Covers

Our water tank lids are used to prevent dust, debris, insects and rodents from entering cold water storage tanks. Water tank lids are an essential part of current regulations regarding cold water storage.

Water Tank Lids Manufacture 

We manufacture and install water tank covers in any shape or size. We can manufacture covers in as many sections to suit all access restrictions. Lids consist of a 6mm rigid polypropylene base and 25mm encapsulated insulation. The encapsulation is a 3mm polypropylene shell, sealed to the base using hot air fusion. All lids come complete with access hatch, screened tank breather, foam seal and all stainless steel fixings.


Our water tank covers are fully WRAS compliant and can be used on potable water storage tanks. We also supply this type of lid for acid tanks due to the materials high resistance to acid.


Tank covers can be manufactured in almost any colour but are supplied in standard white. Our lids a have a number advantages and benefits over existing GRP alternatives. Our lids are far more durable and are resistant to cracking and ageing. The polypropylene construction makes this type of lid far stronger thank anything on the market at present.

 Water Tank Lid Uses

Our lids can be used in conjunction with our other tank refurbishment products or supplied as a stand-alone product. This product has been installed on numerous tanks throughout the UK since 1997.


Lids comply with all current regulations and are constructed from fully WRAS approved materials. A standard guarantee is supplied with all of our products.


Supply or installation can be carried out throughout the United Kingdom.