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Tank & System Chlorination

Water system chlorination works are now an essential part of any new build project or water system installation. Current regulations state that all new water system installations require chlorination and certification. This also relates systems which have had modification or significant work carried out.

 Water System Chlorination Methods

We use both sodium hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide methods, as both have their advantages and benefits. Sodium hypochlorite is used predominantly when carrying out water tank chlorination soak method. Chlorine dioxide is used when carrying out chlorination works on large tanks and system or spray methods.


Both methods have their unique advantages and our technical staff will be happy to recommend a suitable method. Our water tank and system chlorination services are generally carried out after remedial works or water system installations. This procedure is often followed by testing services, we use UKAS accredited testing laboratories and issue chlorination certificates on completion.

 Water System Chlorination Experience

Our engineers have a vast amount of experience in this field and have been fully trained in all aspects of chlorination. Works have been carried out for water companies, construction companies, commercial property managers, utility companies and councils. This service is also carried out on completion of water system and water tank installation works.


We cover all areas of the British Isles and the Republic of Ireland. All works are carried out in compliance with current regulations and standards. Chlorination certificates are issued on completion of all works. Water samples are also taken and results forwarded with documentation.