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Overflow Rodent Screens

Insect and Rodent Overflow Screens

Our rodent and insect overflow screens are used to prevent large rodents such as mice, rats and birds from entering water tanks. Within the rodent screens is a fine stainless steel mesh which can prevent rodents and even small insects from contaminating the fresh stored water.

 Manufacture of Overflow Rodent Screens

These units are manufactured from WRAS approved PVC and contain a 0.53mm stainless steel mesh to act as a guard against insects and rodents, whilst allowing water to pass if the tank overflows. Water bylaws  state that an overflow cannot be restricted in any way. This issue is solved by increasing the surface area of the mesh to compensate for the slight restriction. Overflow screens are slightly larger than the pipework they are installed in for this very reason. Rodent screens are stocked in a range of sizes between 1” and 12” and come complete with suitable pipe connectors.

 Overflow Insect Screens - Connections

Pipe connectors are available with a female or male thread, and we now stock a universal connector. The universal connector allows the overflow screen to be installed on any type of pipework including copper, steel, ABS and PVC.

 Overflow Screen Installation

Screens can be installed either inline or at the end of the overflow pipework. Our insect screens are a serviceable unit and can be removed for maintenance and cleaning. We have been manufacturing these units since 1998 and this type of screen has been installed throughout the UK. We install rodent screens during refurbishments and also supply a number of water hygiene and treatment companies.


This product is compliant with WRAS and BS6700 regulations. We can supply standard and bespoke units to all areas of the United Kingdom on a next day basis.