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Epoxy Tank Coating Systems

Our epoxy tank coating system is predominantly used in large tank refurbishment and repair projects, or projects where access restrictions apply. This system is generally used on completion of fiberglass repairs to prevent any further corrosion or leakage.

 Epoxy Tank Coating Specification

Our epoxy coating is a resin-based product and is available in blue, yellow, fire red, green and light grey. The epoxy tank coating can be thinned using a special solvent.


Epoxy tank coatings can be applied using a brush and roller or spray applied. If the spray method is to be used, solvent must be added and special epoxy spray equipment used.


Epoxy coatings can be used to refurbish cold-water tanks, header tanks, sprinkler tanks, process tanks and acid storage vessels. Water Tanks and Services have used a number of different epoxy coatings over the years and our current system is by far the most durable and surface tolerant.

 Epoxy Tank Coating Systems

We stock a wide range of industrial coatings, suitable for most types of liquid storage. This product is stocked in both 2.5 litre and 5 litre cans, and is supplied as a base and hardener. The coating must be power mixed and pot life is shortened in elevated temperatures.


Our epoxy coating system is solvent free and fully WRAS compliant, and can be used in potable water applications. However this product cannot be thinned when used on potable water projects.


This product has been applied to storage tanks at companies such as Crown Paints, Asda, Smurfitt Kappa, Triumph and the NHS. This product or service can be carried out throughout the UK.


We offer a 5-year guarantee with the two-coat system and a 10-year guarantee on three coat applications. For further information or advice on your current requirement, please call our technical department on the number provided.