Before and After Water Tank Refurbishment

Cost Effective Alternative to Replacing a Water Tank

A corroded or leaky water tank is annoying by itself, but if ignored, it can lead to more serious problems. Leakage can quickly multiply water bills, as well as causing untold water damage. And the contaminants that seep into a leaky tank can pose a health threat and promote the growth of deadly bacteria. For these reasons, it’s essential to handle the problem as soon as it is discovered.

But replacing a water tank can be very expensive, even in a single residence. When you consider the size of commercial water tanks, it can be very expensive indeed. And that’s not even allowing for the cost of lost productivity while a new system is installed.

Fortunately, it is often possible to repair a failing water tank. Of course, this depends on the degree of damage. A tank that has been ruptured through an industrial accident may be unsalvageable. But in most cases, there is hope. Refurbishment can fix the problem at a fraction of the price of replacing the tank.

Water Tanks & Services Ltd. specialise in water tank refurbishment. They have worked on jobs of all sizes, from residential customers to large property management firms and huge public buildings. Their experience covers tiny water tanks in cottages and huge underground reservoirs in water treatment plants. So they are familiar with all the challenges a leaky tank can pose.

The first step in addressing the problem is usually to work out just how bad the damage is. This usually requires an internal inspection of the tank. But it’s often difficult to gain access without shutting down the entire water system, which can be very expensive.

The solution is a remote control camera, which can investigate conditions inside the tank without interrupting service. The camera is housed in a remotely operated vehicle, like a tiny submarine. It can capture high-quality photos and videos of the internal conditions, detecting problems that would be impossible to find even with a full manual inspection.

For huge water systems or systems that are impossible to inspect in this manner, water testing can provide a much-needed clue. Chemical and mineral traces can help to locate the source of the leak, and a manual inspection can then confirm the degree of damage. Water Services Ltd. is able to run a complete battery of water tests quickly in a state of the art laboratory. Their skilled technicians use this data to quickly isolate the cause of the problem.

Once the damage has been quantified, the next step is to fix it. The exact approach will vary depending on the material and construction of the tank. In some cases, Water Tanks & Services Ltd. will use fiberglass resins to fill in the damaged areas and coat the inside of the tank with epoxy resin, protecting it from further corrosion. They use fast setting epoxy coatings, so the tank can return to full service quickly after it has been refurbished.

One of the important advantages of the epoxy resin is that it doesn’t contain harmful solvents. This keeps the water supply safe and clean after the work has been completed.

They also use their proprietary Polypropylene lining system to prevent leaks. They are able to install this without using any harsh chemicals or solvents thanks to a hot air welding technique. The installation is very fast, as they manufacture the lining to fit the tank. This means that their staff can install the lining in a few hours, and the tank can return to service immediately.

The lining is very durable, and can resist routine corrosion. It is even strong enough to stand up to highly corrosive chemicals – they use these linings in acid storage tanks, too. The lining will last for decades of normal use, and is easy to repair if it is punctured.

With a vast breadth of experience in the field of water tanks and systems, Water Tanks & Services Ltd. are able to replace a water tank that is beyond repair. Most of the time, they can refurbish an existing installation at a fraction of the cost, extending the life of the tank by decades.

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