Water Tank Installation

The Importance of Professional Water Tank Installation

The importance of hiring a professional company when it comes to your water tank installation is something that simply cannot be overlooked. Not only are there various technical aspects to take into consideration, but safety is something that should also never be compromised.
The actual installation process is relatively straightforward, however, it is imperative that every water tank is WRAS compliant to make sure that it meets industry standards. This compliance covers the manufacturing of the water tank itself and in our case each tank is manufactured from Glass Reinforces Plastic, the best material in the industry. Every tank is also insulated correctly along with an airtight lid and relevant pipes and fittings. In addition, the tank is subjected to a full chlorination after the installation with this coming as standard.
If we can also spend a moment discussing the installation method as well as the service that we offer. Our team uses the latest equipment to reduce any risk whilst working in your establishment. Each individual is versed in the various health and safety requirements and that is one reason why even the cutting equipment that is used has spark free technology to further reduce those risks. In addition, our engineers are experienced in removing old tanks and installing your replacement to the existing pipework therefore reducing not only the cost to you, but also the time it takes to complete the job.
By hiring a professional company that has the relevant expertise it undoubtedly reduces the stress associated with the installation of your new water tank along with potential future issues surrounding continued maintenance. You can feel confident that not only do you have a guarantee with the work that is being carried out, but that the installation team is both qualified and experienced which means they are capable of handling any problem that may arise. Finally, do remember that we are happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding the installation process and we can be contacted using various means.

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