Water Tank Lids

Tough and Durable Water Tank Lids

Water tanks need to be properly installed and maintained to ensure a constant supply of clean and safe drinking water. More often than not, debris, pests and other contaminants enter into water systems, endangering the health of households. All tanks must therefore be fitted with a suitable lid to prevent such contamination.

Water tank lids are a very important part of the tank. Aside from presenting a barrier to dirt and pests, they allow access into the tank when cleaning and other maintenance tasks are needed. They also provide insulation to the tank, preventing water temperature fluctuations during hot summers and cold winters.

For water tank lids to be effective at these functions, they must be manufactured from the right materials. This will ensure durability and conformity to safety regulations. Although fiberglass is commonly used, it has several disadvantages which make it a less than ideal material for tank lids. Fiberglass is flexible and cost effective, but with time, it can delaminate and crack as it ages. This will raise tank maintenance costs, since the lid will require time consuming checks and replacements.

A better alternative is rigid polypropylene, which is a tough plastic that has proved its utility for the last two decades. Polypropylene does not age as quickly as fiberglass, making it more durable and less likely to crack if dropped accidentally. This modern material is resistant to shock and impact, and also offers protection against corrosion. Additionally, polypropylene has greater thermal insulation than fiberglass, which ensures the water remains cool and fresh in all types of weather.

We are experts at manufacturing and installing rigid polypropylene water tank lids in every shape and size. We are highly adept at fitting highly durable and long lasting lids for all residential, commercial and industrial tanks. We use hot wielding techniques during installation, which do not require solvents or adhesives. This ensures fast and cost effective insulation.

Rigid polypropylene is the best choice for all types of water tank lids. Use this tough material to guarantee durable, well insulated and long lasting lids for all your tanks.

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