Water Tank Epoxy Coatings

Durable Protection Through Water Tank Epoxy Coatings

Traditional steel and concrete tanks are tough and have a wide variety of applications in both industry and homes. They have been used for ages to provide reliable water and liquid storage all over the world. These tanks require a lot of maintenance for several reasons, the main one being their susceptibility to damage by corrosion and rust.

Concrete and steel tanks deteriorate when exposed for long periods to water, corrosive chemicals, sludge or wastewater. This leads to a lower quality of water through contamination by bacteria and other microorganisms, rust and pest infestations. This can seriously endanger health while damaging the tanks as well. For these reasons, concrete and steel tanks can have a shorter lifespan than anticipated, and usually rack up huge maintenance and repair fees.

Old and aging tanks can be refurbished and brought back to great condition through water tank epoxy resin coating. This is a cost effective and efficient method of repairing severely corroded and rusted tanks. Epoxy coatings provide a resistant coating on the interior and exterior of the tank to prevent further corrosion or damage.

We provide premium quality water tank epoxy coatings. Our technicians are highly experienced in epoxy coating application to a wide variety of tanks in every industry. The resin based coatings DWI and WRAS certified to offer unparalleled protection to the tank. They can be spray-painted or applied using a roller and brush, and come in several colours including blue, red, yellow, light grey and green.

Water tank epoxy coatings are mainly used for refurbishing large tanks and to prevent further corrosion after fibreglass repair works. The epoxy coating is ideal for sprinkler, cold water, header, process and potable water applications. It is also available in industrial specifications as a resistant coating for liquid tanks, and comes as a base and hardener in 2.5L and 5L cans.

Our water tank epoxy coating has a 5 year guarantee for the two coat system, while the three coat system comes with a ten year guarantee. To save on high tank maintenance or full replacement costs, procure an epoxy coating to increase the durability and longevity of your aging tanks.

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