Water System Chlorination

The Importance Of Water System Chlorination

Despite 70% of the earth’s surface being made up of water, only less than 1% of it is suitable for human consumption. To meet the increasing demand for fresh and drinkable water, most societies rely upon water system chlorination. Without this, billions of people around the world will suffer from disease and a shortage of clean water.

Every water storage system is vulnerable to contamination if not properly sanitised. Tens of people around the UK die every year from Legionnaires disease, which is a fatal type of bacterial pneumonia. Many other people on the globe also suffer from other water borne diseases that can be easily prevented through water system chlorination. This is because disease causing pests, debris and rotting organic matter can enter into water systems if the right measures are not undertaken.

We are leading water system chlorination experts with experience in all types of domestic, commercial and industrial water sanitation. Our highly trained technicians have fulfilled complex water hygiene contracts for both private and public entities around the UK. We predominantly use Sodium Hypochlorite and Chlorine Dioxide to sterilise water and get rid of bacteria, viruses and other dangerous infestations and biofilms.

Water system chlorination is a proven and environmentally safe method of water sanitation. It is an easy to use, cost efficient and scalable option for water decontamination. It involves dousing the header tank to 50ppm of chlorine, and running the chlorinated water through the system for at least an hour. The entire system is then flushed with fresh water to remove the chlorine. The chemicals can also be neutralised to save vast amounts of water and thereby reduce costs.

We are experts at chlorinating main, booster tank, hot and cold water systems, as well as existing or new installations. To ensure success, samples are taken from the water system and tested for legionella, total microbial contaminations, E-Coli and Dipslides among other infestations. This guarantees the safety of your entire water system. Our testing regimen further complies with all L8 regulations and risk assessment protocols.

It is important to have a comprehensive survey and risk assessment of your entire water system done regularly to prevent contamination. Water system chlorination is the best and safest sanitisation option for all types and sizes of water systems.

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