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Cost Effective Alternative to Replacing a Water Tank

A corroded or leaky water tank is annoying by itself, but if ignored, it can lead to more serious problems. Leakage can quickly multiply water bills, as well as causing untold water damage. And the contaminants that seep into a leaky tank can pose a health threat and promote the growth of deadly bacteria. For […]

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The Importance of Professional Water Tank Installation

The importance of hiring a professional company when it comes to your water tank installation is something that simply cannot be overlooked. Not only are there various technical aspects to take into consideration, but safety is something that should also never be compromised. The actual installation process is relatively straightforward, however, it is imperative that […]

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Benefits of Water Tank Cleaning For Homes And Businesses

More homes and businesses are relying on efficient water storage facilities to ensure a constant supply of clean drinking water. These facilities can be costly to set up, and must therefore be properly maintained to minimise repair and replacement costs. One way of doing this is through professional water tank cleaning services. Any type of […]

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Tough and Durable Water Tank Lids

Water tanks need to be properly installed and maintained to ensure a constant supply of clean and safe drinking water. More often than not, debris, pests and other contaminants enter into water systems, endangering the health of households. All tanks must therefore be fitted with a suitable lid to prevent such contamination. Water tank lids […]

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Durable Protection Through Water Tank Epoxy Coatings

Traditional steel and concrete tanks are tough and have a wide variety of applications in both industry and homes. They have been used for ages to provide reliable water and liquid storage all over the world. These tanks require a lot of maintenance for several reasons, the main one being their susceptibility to damage by […]

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The Importance Of Water System Chlorination

Despite 70% of the earth’s surface being made up of water, only less than 1% of it is suitable for human consumption. To meet the increasing demand for fresh and drinkable water, most societies rely upon water system chlorination. Without this, billions of people around the world will suffer from disease and a shortage of […]

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Water Tanks

Water Tanks and Services carry out a wide range of water tank remedial works, including the removal, replacement, refurbishment or installation. All works are carried out by our own engineers, unlike many companies in our industry who use sub-contract services. This gives you the customer a higher quality service and a faster response time. As a company, we have been involved with all aspects of water tank works since 1995, and have a large portfolio of satisfied customers.

We carry out works for broad spectrum of customers including property management companies, universities, schools, factories, commercial property management and the NHS.

All our products are manufactured in house, these include tank linings, rodent screens, water tank lids, bespoke water tanks and more. All products are manufactured from WRAS and potable approved materials.

Our Products & Services Include:

Water Tank Linings

We manufacture a range of water tank linings including polypropylene, EPDM, Butyl Rubber and PVC. These linings are manufactured to suit all sizes and types of storage vessel, from small one piece tanks up to large sectional reservoirs.

Our EPDM linings are predominantly used in the refurbishment of fire sprinkler tanks. EPDM linings are used in larger lining projects due to the materials light weight and flexibility. EPDM rubber linings are are jointed using a vulcanising and seal system, creating a strong watertight seal.

Our PVC and Polypropylene systems are more suited to commercial and industrial applications. These materials are approved for use in drinking water and potable environments. This system is installed similar to the rubber systems, however the joints and seams are hot air welded. Joints are overlapped and hot air is used to fuse the material together. This creates an extremely strong and watertight joint that is stronger than the material itself.

Water Tank Coatings

We stock a large selection of epoxy and industrial coatings, suitable for a number of applications. A range of epoxy coatings with WRAS and potable approval are held in large volumes. We also stock a selection of coatings for industrial applications such as acid tanks, process tanks, sprinkler tanks and bunded areas. Our epoxy coatings are available in a wide selection of colours including Blue, Cream, Red, White and Brown. This system is also used in large sprinkler tanks where tank lining is not suitable. Tanks are generally cleaned and internal surfaces are prepared, followed by fibreglass repairs to perforated areas. Our epoxy coating system is then applied to prevent further corrosion. A three coat system is usually applied and this allows us to issue a 10 year guarantee on completion.

Water Tank Lids

Our water tank lids can be manufactured to any size or shape, lids can be manufactured in as many sections as required to suit any access. Our tank lids are extremely durable due to the rigid polypropylene construction. Rigid polypropylene is an extremely robust material which is virtually unbreakable and resistant to most acids and alkalis at strong concentrations. All lids have built in 25mm insulation and come complete with a screened breather, sealing strip and stainless fixings for installation. Lids for storage above 1000 litres come complete with a 600mm x 600mm access hatch. Polypropylene tank lids are constructed from rigid polypropylene and use a polypropylene welding rod system. All lids are fully Bylaw 30 compliant and can be tailored to suit any application.

Chlorination of Water Tanks & Systems

Water tanks and systems are chlorinated after system modifications or alterations and new build projects. We use a number of methods and chemicals, each suited to the type of project. Certification is issued on completion of all projects. Water tanks and systems can be dosed with either Sodium Hypochlorite or Chlorine Dioxide. This solution is then pumped into the hot and cold water systems or gravity fed from storage tanks. The solution is then left in the system for one hour and levels checked before flushing. Chlorinated water is then neutralised before being pumped to drain.

Rodent Screens

Rodent screens are manufactured from rigid PVC and come complete with a range of connectors. This product can be installed in any size or type of pipework. Rodent screens are fully serviceable and are an on the shelf item. Rodent screens are manufactured from either PVC or ABS and can be installed to PVC, ABS Copper and Steel pipework. We can supply a universal connector which allows installation to all pipework types, or these units can be supplied with a male or female thread. Units have a fine stainless steel mesh internally to stop insects or rodents from entering the cisterns. Units are fully serviceable and and can be easily cleaned.

Water Tank Replacement

We use a revolutionary cutting tool that allows tanks to be cut up and removed without any sparks. Our spark free removal system removes any risk of fire. We install a wide range of tanks including one piece, two piece and sectional water tanks. Our one piece and two piece tanks are ideal for projects where access is good and for systems which need low to medium amounts of storage. Our sectional tanks are suited to projects where access is restricted or large volumes of storage are required. Sectional tanks are supplied in panels which include 1m x 1m, 1m x 0.5m and 0.5m x 0.5m. This allows tanks to be built in almost any area and reduces transportation issues. Our one piece, two piece and sectional tanks are fully WRAS compliant and are suitable for potable water storage. We can supply only, remove and replace existing storage tanks or install new tanks and systems. We carryout all with our own engineers and do not use ant sub-contract labour.