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Storage Tank Refurbishment & Replacement

Refurbishment and replacement of all types of water tanks, from one piece tanks up to large multi-sectional tanks. Please take some time to view our product pages and project testimonials below. We are currently offering a free water tank survey and report.

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Various Water Storage Tank Repairs and Tank Relining Projects
Cold Water Storage Tank Refurbishment

Project :- Process Tank Refurbishment ( Storage Tank Coating )

Environmental Fabrications received a call from a local engineering company regarding a leaking process water tank. One of our engineers attended site to carry out a survey of the water tanks on site, we were informed that the process tank had held a mixture of water and a special annealing chemical. During our survey it was apparent that around 80% of the tanks content had been lost. We were asked if we could commence work as soon as possible as production had ceased.

After draining and cleaning of the tank a small hole was found around 300mm from the tank floor. The hole was repaired using a sealing compound and the internal surfaces of the storage tank were coated with a special glass flake epoxy coating. Above is some photos of the water tanks internal surfaces before and after the coating application. The whole project was completed within 4-5 days and production was commenced shortly after.

Water Tank Leak Repair
Project :- IOW ( Refurbishment of Various Water Tanks )

Environmental Fabrications have completed a number of water tank refurbishment projects on the Isle of Wight. These projects have included Primary and Comprehensive Schools, Council Buildings, Hotels and Fire Stations. The above Photos were taken before and after refurbishment of several water tanks at an office block in Newport. The above photos show how even the most corroded tanks, if still structurally sound, can be refurbished and given a 10yr guarantee. All the tanks at the above site were completed within a 8hr period, this shows the main advantage of the Polypropylene Refurbishment System.

Water Storage Tank Repairs
Project :- Water Storage Tank Refurbishment ( Isle of Man )

Environmental Fabrications were asked to tender for the conversion of a water storage tank from oil to process water storage. This project involved the internal cleaning, grit blasting and application of a water tank epoxy coating. EF won the tender and embarked on its biggest water tank project to date. The project was completed within a 6 week time scale and used a massive 7 tons of grit blasting aggregate and around 700ltr of epoxy coating. We were informed on completion of the works that we were the only company prepared to take on such a project, and even so the job was completed on time and on budget.


Project:-  External Refurbishment of two Water Tanks

Water Tank External.JPG    Water Tanks External.JPG

Environmental Fabrications were asked to take a look at two large water tanks feeding a salad farm. On close inspection, the outside of the tanks were severely corroded and had actually rusted through in a number of places. We were asked if it would be possible to repair the existing tank perforations and apply a corrosion resistant coating.

A GRP repair was carried out on the water storage tanks damaged areas and a Zinc Phosphate primer was applied to the entire water tanks external surfaces. This coating was overcoated with a weatherproof polyurethane coating. We were asked if we could source a colour to match the environment around the water tanks location, and as you will see in the photos above, a grass green coating was applied.